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A vital Community resource

KSJC is a freeform, listener-supported radio station created by and for the Silverton community to provide diverse and innovative programming that reflects the music, culture, concerns, and interests of Silverton and the surrounding area.

KSJC broadcasts at 92.5FM with an effective power of 100 watts, audible throughout San Juan County and its beautiful backcountry.  We aim to inspire positive change in the community and raise social and environmental awareness by increasing social engagement to create positive change.

We are dedicated to creating and curating programming that provokes thought and reaction on a complexity of issues for our community of listeners. Much of our programming is local, original and eclectic, playing a distinctive blend of music from folk to hip hop, alternative rock to reggae, blues to bluegrass as well as community issues and affairs. Experimentation, spontaneity and humor are among the station’s most frequently noted distinguishing traits. 

KSJC believes radio can be a special place for a community, a centerpiece of music, cultural and social happenings. It can also break down barriers and bring people together. We are driven and programmed by volunteers who contribute to a healthy and vital community, offering diverse music, news, and informational programming that is important and uplifting to our community.

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KSJC is a true community radio station, completely owned and operated by volunteers from the Silverton community. Local people create programming, organize events, and keep the station up and running and on the air. KSJC supports the energy and diversity of the community with local music and news that you won’t hear anywhere else.

All our programming is made possible thanks to the hard work of many dedicated volunteers and generous donations from people like you. Licensing, equipment, utilities, repairs— the costs keep going up, year after year, but thanks to your support, KSJC remains a vibrant voice in Silverton!

We need you as much today as we did since we first signed on. KSJC invites you to participate and become involved in keeping our airwaves thriving. Inclusion is at the heart of our mission and identity. We know that everyone has something special to contribute, and we have a several ways you can participate. We welcome your enthusiasm and commitment.

Business support

Silverton Community Radio’s long-standing success is built on the support of the community we serve. Our relationships with local businesses are vital to the survival of KSJC. From on-air underwriting to gift certificate donations, every form of donation assists KSJC in providing unique, community-minded broadcasting to the Silverton area and beyond.  

In order to stay true to our mission of supporting the voice of the community, we only accept support from local businesses in the Silverton area. Our listeners know that business owners who support KSJC are dedicated to keeping this vital community voice alive and thriving. See below for how your business can become a KSJC Supporter.

On-Air underwriting

In exchange for your donation, KSJC airs an informational message for your business or event on the show(s) of your choosing.

website underwriting

For a small monthly fee, KSJC includes a display tile for your business on our website, including our upcoming Live Stream Player page.

Event sponsorship

Sponsor our summer music festival, our pledge drive in the Fall, and be mentioned in on-air promos and included on event banners.

Become a member

KSJC is a listener-supported community radio. Your membership keeps our airwaves open, allowing us to bring you the best in music, local, regional and national news as well as informational programming. 

Our members are part of a cool, creative, and forward-thinking community that values rich cultural discourse. They believe in our mission to showcase underrepresented voices and want to be a meaningful part of the change we are all trying to see in the world.

Please consider joining the Silverton Community Radio family by becoming a member today. Each member level offers early access and discounts on tickets to live shows, virtual events, and businesses throughout Silverton. 

Standard membership

sustaining membership

business membership

make a donation

As a 501(c)3 non-profit community radio station, every single radio show, each hilarious talk break, fascinating interview, off-the-cuff studio insight, and magical moments of music discovery is made possible by donors like you. Donate today to power our programming each month, make it possible for us to pay the bands that play our festivals and fundraisers, and keep us strong and sustained.

In order to achieve big things, we need big donations. Your philanthropic dollars will help us build a more sustainable organization, and ensure KSJC is around to serve the Silverton community for years to come.

Community calendar

view eventssubmit events

Silverton Community Radio wants to ensure we bring your and keep you informed of all the events taking place in the area. Interested in promoting an event? KSJC offers two free options:

event promotions

Events that go on our concert calendar, usually relating to one of our music departments or our public affairs department.

Event information should include all relevant details and be sent in advance to our event department who will add it to our concert calendar and Facebook page (at their discretion). 

public service announcements

Promotion of your event both online and over our airwaves; these have stricter guidelines than calendar events.

KSJC airs public service announcements (PSAs) for Non-profit organizations; those sponsoring an event to benefit a non-profit group; local schools, and student organizations.

benefits of giving

Silverton Community Radio donors value discovering new music and learning about important issues in their community. They want to support independent media. Our members know that this resource is unique, and if they truly value something, they need to support it to ensure that it is strong and sustainable.

When you give to KSJC, you are making a tax-deductible donation to an organization that connects our community to one another and to the world.

On Air:

  • Locally curated music by fellow music lovers from a variety of genres.
  • Stories and interviews from key activists, community leaders, scholars and politicians.
  • Updates about arts events, political rallies, concerts, shows, festivals and more.
  • Broadcasts from events giving listeners the chance to experience live radio without having to visit the station.

On Line:

  • Live playlists, extensive community calendar, artist sessions from KSJC, information about rallies and local resources
  • Future projects include live streaming, audio archives, program playlists, and in-house podcasts.
  • Live broadcasts from Silverton Summer Concert Series in the Park,  The Farmers Market, local venues and more.

In the community:

  • KSJC Presents touring and local band’s performances in multiple venues across town
  • Sponsors community events all year long 
  • Gets the word out about local non-profits doing good work in our community
  • Curates a monthly film series bringing music and movies together on the big screen (Launching this Fall)

“A radio station should be a live place for live people to sing and dance and talk; talk their talk and walk their walk and know that they (and the rest of us) are not finally and irrevocably dead.”

Lorenzo Milam, Pioneer of Community Radio