About KSJC

Serving the Silverton Community since 2003

KSJC is a freeform, listener-supported radio station created by and for the Silverton community to provide diverse and innovative programming that reflects the music, culture, concerns, and interests of Silverton and the surrounding area. 

KSJC broadcasts at 92.5FM with an effective power of 100 watts, audible throughout San Juan County and its beautiful backcountry.  

We are dedicated to creating and curating programming that provokes thought and reaction on a complexity of issues for our community of listeners. Much of our programming is local, original and eclectic, playing a distinctive blend of music from folk to hip hop, alternative rock to reggae, blues to bluegrass as well as community issues and affairs. Experimentation, spontaneity and humor are among the station’s most frequently noted distinguishing traits. 

KSJC believes radio can be a special place for a community, a centerpiece of music, cultural and social happenings. It can also break down barriers and bring people together.  We are driven and programmed by volunteers who contribute to a healthy and vital community, offering diverse music, news, and informational programming that is important and uplifting to our community.

How We Got Started

KSJC first hit the Silverton scene in the Summer of 2003 with a variety of programming as well as the infamous Jamboree, which was a live music festival held at Kendall Mountain Recreation Center in town.

This is where Julian will add History that he gets from his Dad. Will mention who were the founding locals who got it started and why.

Now, 18 years later, KSJC is revamping the old broadcast with a new cast of local characters with plenty of charm to spare. We look forward to providing the same high mountain radio experience that people have come to expect as well as offer some new and exciting programming and ideas that explore what it means to be a Silverton Community member!

Our Mission and values

Silverton Community Radio is a vital resource for building and sustaining community, standing ready to serve in times of emergency, airing locally relevant information and entertainment to listeners, creating a forum through which every voice can be heard.

Silverton Community Radio is dedicated to bringing  underrepresented voices to the airwaves for hilarious, heartbreaking, unexpected, and honest conversations and programming that leaves our listeners forever changed.

We are committed to diversity in programming and discourse and seeks to create a climate of mutual respect and collaboration among volunteers and staff.

An independently produced non-profit in Silverton, Colorado, we aim to artfully blend unpredictable conversation, live music, and original programming featuring all types of cultural talent and creative minds, from emerging artists to established acts from Silverton and beyond. We champion the curious-minded by producing witty, engaging, spirited, and genuine listening experiences for our audience and for ourselves.

Our Philosophy

We believe life is filled with inspired people doing fascinating and sometimes ridiculous things. We want to introduce you to those people.

We believe that the fabric of our community is stronger when all of its members have the opportunity to express their diverse interests, concerns, and points of view.

We believe that through the shared experience of live music and the intimacy of radio, we can tell great stories, introduce new ideas, spark conversations, and hopefully elicit a belly laugh or two.

We believe that the community of Silverton is as wild as the terrain it surrounds. We want to provide our members with opportunities to share their freewheeling lifestyles through original programming, distinctive events, and fresh storytelling.

We believe in fostering connections among the people of San Juan county in order to strengthen appreciation for the community and support among neighbors. Communication and local self-sufficiency during an emergency are important in a small, remote community.

We believe it is important that communities take responsibility for understanding the issues that affect them. Locally controlled media have the ability to provide viewpoints and information unavailable elsewhere.

Our Vision

  • KSJC will be an important part of our richly diverse community.
  • The residents and visitors of Silverton can identify KSJC Radio as an essential community resource that is unique, useful and distinct. We express the exceptional nature of our community locally, and to the world at large.
  • Our radio station will be known for its high-quality, relevant and vibrant programming.
  • We will be recognized as creators and distributors of high-quality radio programming.
  • Our station will be linked to the local school, working with students and teachers to create innovative ways to enrich classroom curriculum with radio.
  • We will build and maintain a library and archive of the voices of Silverton, available to all as a reliable community resource.
  • KSJC will develop working partnerships with non-profit organizations in Silverton, using radio as a vehicle for enhancing their work.
  • We will maintain a unique and independent voice, speaking with respect, guided by facts and supported by our members, local underwriters, grantors and volunteers.