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KSJC is a freeform, listener-supported radio station created by and for the Silverton community. The best way we can continue to provide diverse and innovative programming that reflects the music, culture, concerns, and interests of Silverton is to have the whole community be a part of our radio station. KSJC invites you to participate and become involved in keeping our airwaves thriving. Inclusion is at the heart of our mission and identity. We know that everyone has something special to contribute and there are several ways you can participate.

be heard

become a DJ

Now is your chance to be heard on the airwaves! What makes a community radio station thrive is the diversity, passion and depth of musical knowledge of its volunteer DJs. We are always looking for hosts that have something to share. Find out how you can contribute to our on-air programming.

show up

volunteer at ksjc

KSJC is sustained and enriched by our volunteers. Volunteers are what make us an invaluable resource to the community. We understand that everyone has something special to contribute and we offer a variety of ways you can assist. Learn more about our current volunteer opportunities.

give back

donate to KSJC

Your donation means that we can stay independent, weather uncertain economic climates, and consistently improve and expand our offerings. Each member level offers early access and discounts on tickets to live shows, events, and businesses throughout Silverton.

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spread the word

We hope that listeners believe in our vision of being an indispensable resource and an essential public service for our communities. If you like what we are doing we invite you to support our work by following us through social media :

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Use the form below to let us know you want to become part of the KSJC community. We can’t wait to hear from you!