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How Businesses can support their Local community radio station

“Advertising” on public radio is called underwriting. Simply put, underwriting is when KSJC gives on-air recognition of your contribution to the station. Underwriting spots offer the perfect way to transmit your company’s message to our audience. And, you’ll be supporting your community radio station at the same time.

Underwriting on KSJC is a smart, effective and affordable use of marketing and public relations dollars, whether for long-term positioning or to build top-of-mind awareness. It is also a great use of co-op dollars and a compliment to other forms of advertising. Best, while increasing listener awareness of your business or organization, you can support independent radio programming and community initiatives in Silverton.

Underwriting spots offer the perfect way to transmit your company’s message to our audience. Every underwriting announcement on KSJC reaches into the homes, automobiles, offices and now with the many mobile devices we are streaming on, into the pockets of many community and business leaders in an uncluttered, non-commercial way.

We offer a variety of long and short-term underwriting packages. You may also focus on a specific day, time or program. If you would like to receive information or set up an appointment to review your marketing needs and goals as well as the benefits of underwriting on KSJC, please contact us at

Underwriting benefits

When you underwrite with KSJC your message is heard by our listeners. Our station features no more than 2 underwriting spots per hour. Your message won’t get buried in a cluttered bombardment of canned commercial ads.

Build Goodwill
In addition to building awareness of your products and services, underwriting with KSJC builds goodwill for your business or organization by demonstrating your support of public and community radio.

Write It Off
KSJC is a 501c3 nonprofit. Your support ensures that we continue to be a vital resource in Silverton. Good for your business, good for the community.

Enhance Your Image
Listeners automatically associate your business with public radio’s quality programming.

Understanding underwriting guidelines

KSJC is a nonprofit radio station. While we are not profit-driven, broadcasting quality programming still costs money. You can support this essential service and raise your business’ visibility by underwriting. Please consider the following FCC guidelines when crafting your underwriting message. We are also happy to work with you on drafting language.  Underwriting announcements are approximately 15-25 seconds in length.

What We Can Say About You
• The name of your business
• The location, website, social media handle/page name and phone number where our listeners can reach you
• Value-neutral descriptions of products and services
• Audio slogans that identify and do not promote


What Can’t Be Said
• Pricing information, such as “tickets are $15 at the door”
• Calls to actions, such as “stop by our store”
• Subjective language about the problem your product or service solves
• Inducements to purchase, such as “discounted service for 3 months”
• Qualitative or comparative language, such as “your #1 choice for coffee”
• Award recognition (Best of JH, Emmy award winning, etc.)

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